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N. 05-2014 – The role of the pharmaceutical industry in the global input-output system

We refer to input-output analysis to investigate the global trade system and to assess the impact of the pharmaceutical industry on the world economy. Our central findings can be summarized as follows: Overall, the global input-output system has become more integrated over time; The pharmaceutical industry has become more globalized over time; The impact of the pharmaceutical industry, measured by the Leontief multipliers, is persistently high and stable in EU15, whereas it has been slightly decreasing in the US; China [...]

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N. 04-2014 – Mobility of Inventors in the Bio-pharmaceutical Industry

Network science provides a variety of methods to better understand the complex growth trends underlying the development of the European Research Area (ERA), the EU vision to develop a homogenized innovation system that is more efficient and competitive than a collection of national innovation systems. As a collection of member states, with a rich political history, it goes without saying that the history of the EU is inextricably embedded in cultural, language, and political borders, which in some cases are [...]

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0-2003 – Il Decreto Legge 15-04-2002 n. 63 sul contenimento della spesa farmaceutica: impatto sull’industria e distorsioni nel funzionamento del mercato

Il presente rapporto analizza l'impatto del DL 15/04/2002 n. 63 del Governo Italiano ("Misure per il contenimento della spesa farmaceutica"), con particolare riferimento agli effetti indotti da tali misure sulle decisioni di investimento delle imprese, sulla struttura dell'industria di riferimento e sulle dinamiche di mercato che da tali misure possono discendere. Scritto da: Fabio Pammolli, Antonio Nicita, Massimo Riccaboni, Gianluca Baio e Laura MagazziniSCARICA IL PDF