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N. 02-2014 – A birds-eye view of SWITCH big data project

SWITCH relies on a wide range of datasets, which can be used to quantitatively understand innovation and competition in pharmaceuticals, and to describe the impact of geographic, technological, institutional, and temporal differences on a variety of processes and domains of investigation. Main sources of data: Patents: Multiple databases provide information about patent applications and publications, with different information contained in each list. Many include technological classifications and citations [dataverse, oecd, orbis], with high-resolution geographic information available for applicants [oecd] of [...]

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The Switch Project Latest Publications

The Switch Project Team has posted new items: A birds-eye view of SWITCH big data project, by Greg Morrison Demographic uncertainty, the financing mix and the sustainability of welfare system, by Luca Regis Biomedical Innovation Clusters, by Orion Penner and Massimo Riccaboni Mobility of Inventors in the Bio-pharmaceutical Industry, by Alexander Petersen The role of the pharmaceutical industry in the global input-output system, by Zhen Zhu Structure and Evolution of the Bio-Pharmaceutical Patent Network, by Greg Morrison SCARICA IL PDF [...]

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